Sony Xperia 1 now available to pre-order with freebies including a PS4 or wireless headphones

Sony Xperia 1 deals pre-order
Image credit: Sony

Every year, phones become more like miniature cinemas in your pocket. Every phone manufacturer wants the best viewing experience, but with Sony's newest device now available for pre-order, has the the Japanese tech giant re-defined watching videos on your phone?

The soon to be released Sony Xperia 1 is here to compete with the world of mobile phone deals with two major selling points: The 4K screen quality and its size...or should we say length? The device has been stretched out to a 21:9 ratio, meaning a longer than normal phone. Sony claims this is the optimal viewing experience and how films are intended to be watched.

The Xperia 1 takes what was good about the Sony Xperia 10 Plus and improves on every area. Now it is available for pre-order, so you'll have the phone on Thursday, May 30. Sony has stated that it will be stocked with all of the retailers listed below, each with a special offer with the phone. 

Retailers stocking Sony Xperia 1 deals

- Carphone Warehouse: Receive a free pair of Sony WH-1000XM3 headphones when purchased between May 15 and May 29. (Not yet available)

- O2: Get the same pair of headphones as above. Order between May 30 and June 30 and you won't get the headphones but you will get a 6 month subscription to Rakuten TV.

- Sky Mobile: Sky is offering the Sony WH-1000XM3 headphones as well with any pre-orders of this device.

- EE: EE isn't offering any add-ons with the phone. But it does have a range of Smart Plans, allowing you to choose extra features like BT Sport and data passes.

 - Vodafone: Get the Cool Grey edition of the phone (exclusive to Vodafone) and recieve a free PlayStation 4 and Marvel's Spider-Man game with the device. (Not yet available)