Wow! Vista Slideshow fridge magnet

Ricavision's Fridge Magnet uses Windows Vista's Slideshow second screen tech

When we first saw Windows Vista 's second-display function, called Slideshow, we really didn't give a monkey's. But the technology seems to be increasingly useful - for those times when you'd like to see if you've any new mail but can't be bothered to open your laptop.

But Ricavision 's MK 140 FM is something entirely different. And rather genius at that. The FM stands for fridge magnet presumably. It act acts like a scribble pad, so you can make notes such as 'buy milk' on the 3.5-inch QVGA LCD display.

Quite cool, if a little geeky. However, the problem with the device - which wirelessly connects to your PC - is plain as day on the FM's webpage. It boasts a "16-hour minimum lifetime in normal use and an external AC adapter and charger." Oh.