Microsoft ditching 'Metro' everything

Windows 8

We already knew Microsoft was chucking the term "Metro" in favor of "Windows 8" when it came to promoting some elements of the new OS, but now we can add "Windows 8 design" and "Windows 8 application" to the list of renamed capacities.

For those keeping track, we now have "Windows 8-style UI," "New User Interface," "Windows 8 design" and "Windows 8 application" where "Metro" once was used to describe them all.

The hub-bub started when Microsoft found out a German company may be filing a lawsuit against them over the term "Metro," a phrase Microsoft adopted to refer to just about everything having to do with its new OS.

Initially, they claimed "Metro" was just a code name used during the development cycle across many of its product lines.

The plan was to then switch to something else as the launch date - October 26 - approached, but the change has apparently come sooner than expected.

The Windows 8 rebranding new branding reportedly extends to the Windows Phone, too.

You can start attempting to wipe "Metro" from your memory now.

Via ZDNet