Vine grows new editing features, including saved clips and shot removal

Vine Update Sessions

Vine has sprouted scores of users, and now editing the perfect six-second clip just got easier.

Today the Twitter-owned app for iOS and Android received an update that introduces "Sessions," a function that lets you save your clips for later.

Although the Vine app has never forced users to post a video immediately, before this update there was no way to roll back to an older clip once a new one was recorded.

The new update lets users save up to 10 posts at once, giving plenty of wiggle room to edit and share all your snappy masterpieces at a later time.


The other new feature the Vine update introduces is called "Time Travel." The new functionality lets users remove, reorganize and even replace any shot within a clip.

Vine Time Travel

No more Vine-bombings

Now when you're editing, the video will be split into smaller image boxes which you can move around to rearrange, etc.

Did someone Vine-bomb your short clip? Now you can jump back into the short video and remove any instance of their existence.

The update is available for download now.