iLike social playlists coming to a site near you

Expect cool new Facebook streaming music apps using iLike soon

When Hollywood gets round to making a movie about technology, you know it's really arrived. Or possibly just about to die.

'Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist' stars Michael Cera of Juno and Arrested Development 'fame', and is released in the US in October.

This will be welcome viewing for social playlister iLike, which today is launching a development platform API that enables anyone to embed streaming playlists into its website or application.

iLike envisages collaborative playlists for parties, weddings and bar mitzvahs, using its partnership with music subscription service Rhapsody to deliver the music.

25 free tunes

Rhapsody will stream out 25 tunes before new users have to subscribe, which we reckon gives your party a life span of about an hour and a half before someone has to get the bongo drums out.

iLike currently has around 30 million users, and the Seattle Times reports iLike's launch partners to include Evite and Typepad, as well as Facebook app developers Flixster, Slide, SGN, Watercooler, ConnectedWeddings and MesmoTV.