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8 of the best Linux password managers

Fiagaro's Password Manager 2

Another thoughtful tool. We're really spoiled for choice now


Once installed, you can launch this program from the terminal or the Alt+F2 Run Application dialog with the command fpm2. The first step is to specify the master password. We're now ready to fill the database with a wide range of entries.

FPM2 uses AES-256 encryption to secure the database files – stored in the /.fpm/ directory. To add a new entry, click the New button on the toolbar.

Like PasswordSafe, FPM2 also allows you to create categories for different entries in the database. All the entries in the database are listed in the main FPM2 window. You can use the drop-down list to view the entries in any one list if you like.

The password generator in most tools is almost exactly alike, but the Avoid Ambiguous Characters option in FPM2's password generator is unique and very useful. It ensures that characters like 1 and l (number 1 and lower-case L), for instance, that are often confusing to read and distinguish, aren't used in the generated password.

The search feature offers the search-as-you-type function, which yields near-immediate results for your queries. Partial matching is also supported, which means when looking for The Register entry, you can type reg and FPM2 will helpfully still locate and display the entry.

FPM2 can also be used as an application launcher. Just type the name of the application in the URL/Arg field, and select one from SSH, web, or generic command in the Launcher drop-down list. When you now doubleclick the entry in the FPM2 window, the program will be launched.


Fiagaro's Password Manager 2
Version: 0.77
Price: Free under the GPL

The settings for applications launchers can be easily defined.

Rating: 8/10