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Save $30 on Oculus Go price with this amazing early Black Friday sale

Oculus Go price cut
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Oculus has just announced an early Black Friday deal that reduces the Oculus Go price to $169 (down from $199) for the 32GB model and $219 for the 64GB model (previously $249). Now is a great time to grab this amazing price well ahead of the holidays, and with savings coming direct from Oculus you can expect stock to be plentiful. 

The Oculus Go headset is the all-in-one, wireless VR experience many have been dreaming of since first donning the heavily cumbersome Oculus Rift machine in 2016. Released in May of this year, the Go offers a lighter way to experience virtual reality without relying on a high spec gaming PC to load up your price tag. With the Go, anyone can experience high-quality virtual reality, bringing immersive movies and gaming to the masses at a fraction of the cost many associate with VR. 

Simply connect the 468g headset to your smartphone (no need to precariously wedge it inside the screen like other similarly priced headsets, the Go offers its own 2560 x 1440 LCD display) and you're in VR. Kitted out with a Snapdragon 821 processor, the Go isn't as powerful as a PC dependent headset, or the standalone Oculus Quest model, but is more than suitable for the immersive entertainment on offer through the Oculus app. 

Once the headset is connected, you can choose from a range of classic VR games as well as all your favorite entertainment platforms to stream from. The Go only offers a stripped-back version of the Oculus Quest / Rift app store, but for less than $200 there is a range of stellar experiences on offer. 

At this price, the Oculus Go is a perfect beginner dip into the world of VR without the commitment of a pricey overhead. If this offer doesn't take your fancy, remember Black Friday is just around the corner. 

Save big on Oculus Go price ahead of Black Friday

Oculus Go 32GB VR headset | $199 $169 at Oculus
The 32GB Oculus Go model offers the most affordable quality virtual reality experience on the market right now, and with $30 knocked off the price tag it's a great time to make the purchase. If you're curious about what VR has to offer, this lower storage option may be better for you. For a cheap price point, you'll be able to download a range of apps and store them easily on your headset. Use promo code GO32TAKE30 to apply this deal at checkout.
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Oculus Go 64GB VR headset | $249 $219 at Oculus
If you're looking to download a wider range of apps and games to your Oculus headset, you may find the larger 64GB version works better. The wireless standalone headset will store all your favorite games and apps, opening you up to more high quality virtual reality experiences at an affordable price. Use promo code GO64TAKE30 at checkout to save $30.
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