Samsung Galaxy Fold release date in the US: it's coming September 27

Samsung Galaxy Fold
(Image credit: TechRadar)

The Samsung Galaxy Fold will be the first foldable phone to make its way to the US, with an official release date happening at the tail end of this week.

It'll launch on Friday, September 27 and be available in two versions: one meant for the AT&T network and another fully unlocked to work with every American carrier.

You'll find the new Galaxy Fold at the AT&T store, Best Buy and Samsung, with the latter two options selling both the AT&T and unlocked variants of the phone.

Galaxy Fold US release date shakeup

The release date for the Samsung Galaxy Fold has been all over the place. It was due to launch five months ago – almost to the day – on April 26 in the US, a date announced at February's Samsung Galaxy S10 launch event. The UK was to get it May 3.

Samsung kept delaying the launch of its phone due to the foldable screen hardware breaking in the hands of reviewers. The company now promises that the revised Galaxy Fold has been "engineered with new materials and technologies."

The Samsung Galaxy Fold has already launched in Korea at the top of September and the UK on September 18. While the dates have shifted dramatically, the price remains incredibly high: $1,980 / £1,800 (€2,000).

We'll have more on the future of Samsung's smartphone line this week, as we plan to test out the Samsung Galaxy Fold: Part II.

Matt Swider