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Retailers are pulling iPhone X deals - but what are the best Black Friday alternatives?

iPhone X deals
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Apple's 10th anniversary iPhone - when it launched it marked the era of notches and the iPhone form we have today. And yet, two years on from its release and iPhone X deals are now starting to disappear off both the physical and virtual shelves.

First, Apple itself pulled the iPhone X from its site. While that sounds like the pretty conclusive end to a phone's life, this is quite typical behaviour from Apple - now only listing six of its many smartphones on site.

However, when the likes of Carphone Warehouse and and more went and cut iPhone X deals from their online stores, now that really was a sign that the phone was quickly being cut. And now, you can't even get the device on the Three network!

But for anyone who had the iPhone X in their sights over Black Friday, don't fear. There are a massive host of other options available both with iPhones and Android. We've gone ahead and picked out what we believe to be the top five alternatives.

Ranging from the older (and yet weirdly more available) iPhone 8 deals through to the now more affordable iPhone XR deals and even the impressive Android OnePlus 7 Pro deals - you can find our picks below.

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1. Apple even cheaper - iPhone 8 deals

iPhone 8 from Affordable Mobiles | EE | £19 upfront | Unlimited calls and texts | 9GB data | £29pm
It might be older than the iPhone X and not quite have some of the same specs but, what it loses in age it makes up for in price. Right now, you can land 9GB of data on the EE network for just £29 a month, making the iPhone 8 far cheaper than the iPhone X. This will be the choice for anyone trying to save money on their contract.
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2. A step up in specs - iPhone XR deals

iPhone XR from Three | £29 upfront | Unlimited calls and texts | 100GB data | £39pm
In the opposite direction to the above offer, the iPhone XR is a step-up from the iPhone X. It has an improved battery, a great processor and screen and most importantly - is somehow in a similar price bracket. With this offer you get the phone with a whopping 100GB of data - not bad right?!View Deal

3. Save money secondhand - iPhone X refurb deals

Refurbished iPhone X from | O2 | £47.99 upfront| Unlimited calls and texts | 45GB data | £38pm
In a list of best replacements to the iPhone X you probably didn't expect to see the...iPhone X. And yet, despite the fact stocks are slowly going on this device, refurbished deals are looking better than ever. Yes, this offer is second hand but it is so much cheaper than your average iPhone X deal while still being in good condition.View Deal

4. Android fights back - OnePlus 7 Pro deals

OnePlus 7 Pro from Three | £29 upfront | 100GB data | Unlimited calls and texts | £40pm
Considering this deal offers the same amount of data and similar pricing to the iPhone XR, it is kind of hard to wrap your head around how good the OnePlus 7 Pro is. It has a better screen, is more powerful and if you don't mind switching to Android, will make an excellent alternative to the iPhone X.View Deal

5. Android powerhouse - Huawei P30 Pro deals

Huawei P30 Pro from Three | £29 upfront | Unlimited calls and texts | 100GB data | £34pm
Much like the OnePlus 7 Pro deal above, the Huawei P30 Pro is somehow both cheaper and more powerful than the iPhone X. It currently ranks as the second best smartphone in our guide and with its incredible camera, super processor, giant battery and all-round awesomeness, the £34 a month you're paying is excellent.
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