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The Prime Day sales are coming to a close, but you can still grab one of Amazon's iconic Echo smart speakers for an absolute steal if you're quick. Better yet, a few of the deals are bundles with other beloved products such as Ring Doorbells and smart plugs which work in sync with the AI assistant to create a truly smart home environment.

These deals are now running out for the Amazon Prime Day 2022 sales, and they likely won't go this low again until Black Friday or Cyber Monday later this year.

So, if you're thinking of grabbing an Amazon Echo Prime Day deal then you need to act quickly. Given this is Amazon's own sale, it's unlikely that prices will drop much lower later in the year, meaning this is potentially the best time of the year to grab a bargain.

These Echos can be used as speakers for your home, as well as a useful way to record shopping lists and display recipes if you opt for a model with a screen. They're also great for setting timers or notifications while you cook to help keep your hands free for other tasks.

With that in mind, these are the deals still in stock at the time of writing from around the web:

The best Echo Prime Day deals still live

US Echo deals


Echo Dot (4th Gen): $49.99 $19.99 at Amazon
Save $30
- Amazon's latest Echo Dot smart speaker is on sale for a record-low price, with a deal that we don't expect to be beaten this year. In our Echo Dot review, we found it to be decently loud and, thanks to Alexa, pretty smart too. You can control your smart home setup, as well as play music, check the forecast, set timers, and more, all with the power of voice commands

Amazon Echo Show 5 (2nd Gen): $84.99

Amazon Echo Show 5 (2nd Gen): $84.99 $34.99 at Amazon
Save $50 -
If you're on the hunt for an affordable smart display, look no further than the Amazon Echo Show 5 - now heavily reduced in today's Prime Day deals. Today's price beats the previous record by a whole $10 and makes this popular smart display even better value. Use it to stream music, shows, display your photos, or even make and receive video calls. 

All-new Echo Show 5 bundle with Blink Mini: $119.98

All-new Echo Show 5 bundle with Blink Mini: $119.98 $44.99 at Amazon
Save $74.99 -
A great way to kick-start your smart home security setup on the cheap, this Prime Day deal is offering the excellent Echo Show 5 display with a fully compatible Blink Mini security camera for well under half price. At just $45 together, you're getting a record low price here for a pairing of Alexa-enabled devices that can monitor your home as well as play music, make video calls, set up alerts, and so on.

Amazon Echo Show 8: $129.99

Amazon Echo Show 8: $129.99 $54.99 at Amazon
Save $55 -
Here's another record-low price for Amazon Prime Day. This larger Echo Show 8 smart display features an 8-inch screen that you can use to make calls, watch movies, check the weather, and control compatible smart home devices through full Alexa support. Even though there's a newer version available, we think the first-gen model a bargain at just over $50 considering it was awarded 4.5 out of 5 stars in our review.

Ring Video Doorbell and Echo Show 5: $184.98

Ring Video Doorbell and Echo Show 5: $184.98 $84.99 at Amazon
Save $100
- Get a huge saving on a beginner-friendly smart home package that includes the Ring Video Doorbell and Echo Show 5. With the discount, you effectively get one device for free. Both of them can be paired up, so you can see, hear and speak to anyone at your front door using the smart display. It can also be used to play all sorts of entertainment, display your favorite photos, read the news, ping alerts and even control other smart devices in the home.

UK Echo deals

Echo Dot (4th Gen): £49

Echo Dot (4th Gen): £49 £19.99 at Amazon
Save £30
– Here it is folks - Amazon's best-selling smart speaker of all time for its lowest price so far. Today's price beats the previous record by £5 in total, yielding an absolute bargain price. In our Echo Dot review we found it to be decently loud, and thanks to Alexa it’s pretty smart, too. You can use it to play music, set timers, read out the news, control your other smart devices, and more.

Blink Video Doorbell with free Echo Dot: £99.98

Blink Video Doorbell with free Echo Dot: £99.98 £34.99 at Amazon
Save £65 -
Pick up the Blink Video Doorbell in today's Prime Day sales and the retailer with throw in an additional 4th gen Echo Dot free of charge. Since the Doorbell was already available at its lowest ever price, we'd say why not get yourself an additional smart speaker. Like with most smart doorbells, the Blink Video Doorbell provides seamless alerts and two-way audio.


Fire TV Stick 4K + Echo Dot bundle: £99.98 £37.98 at Amazon
Save £62 -
Here's a great little bundle that'll give you the most popular Fire TV Stick and a compatible smart speaker on the cheap. With this bundle, you'll not only be able to give your TV smart capabilities and Alexa, but a nifty little gadget to control it from anywhere in your home. Of course, the Echo Dot doesn't just control other devices, it can also play tunes, set timers, or read out the news.

Echo Dot two-pack + Meross smart plug: £118.97

Echo Dot two-pack + Meross smart plug: £118.97 £42.98 at Amazon
Save £75 -
While we're talking about super-cheap ways to kick-start your smart home setup, check out this Echo Dot two-pack plus Meross smart plug bundle. You'll not only get two of the latest Echo Dots here, which are fantastic smart speakers, but a super easy-to-use smart plug for controlling all your devices. A really great application for this pairing is controlling lights on the other side of your home - say, turning downstairs lights off when you're already upstairs and ready for bed.

Echo Dot (3rd Gen): £39.99

Echo Dot (3rd Gen): £39.99 £16.99 at Amazon
Save £23 –
The third-generation Echo Dot might have been replaced by the new Echo Dot (2020), but it's still well worth considering, especially at today's record-low price. For a little bit less than the latest version of the Dot, you'll get many of the same features in a slightly older design. It can still stream music, provide news alerts, and all the Alexa voice controls you'd expect. We gave it 4.5 out of 5 stars in our review - it's still easily one of the best smart speakers around. 

Amazon Echo Show 5 (2nd gen): £74.99

Amazon Echo Show 5 (2nd gen): £74.99 £34.99 at Amazon
Save £40 -
This Prime Day deal on the latest Amazon Echo Show 5 just beats the record low from Black Friday last year - by a whole £1, no less. At this price, Amazon's budget smart display is even better value than usual and it's an overall great choice if you're looking to add smart capabilities to your home on the cheap. Use it to make calls, stream videos, check the weather and news, or even use it as a digital photo frame. It's a very versatile little gadget indeed, and one that works great with other Alexa-compatible devices.

Amazon Echo Show 10 (3rd gen): £239.99

Amazon Echo Show 10 (3rd gen): £239.99 £189.99 at Amazon
Save £50 -
The biggest smart display in the range, the Amazon Echo Show 10 is designed to function as the centerpiece of your entire smart home setup. It features a crisp HD display, auto-framing 13mp camera (amazing for video calls), and rotating design. While a bit pricier than the other models, it's a great choice for both the kitchen and living room if you're going to make use of the larger screen real estate for calls or media.

Echo Show 5 + Blink HD bundle: £164.98

Echo Show 5 + Blink HD bundle: £164.98 £54.99 at Amazon
Save £109 -
Here's one of the biggest Prime Day deals so far in the UK. This Echo Show and Blink HD bundle is all you'll need to kickstart your smart home setup on a budget. You get Amazon's excellent entry-level smart display plus a compatible smart security camera to help monitor movement and visitors outside your home for a third off the usual price.

Echo Show 5 + Ring Video Doorbell wired bundle: £124.98

Echo Show 5 + Ring Video Doorbell wired bundle: £124.98 £35.99 at Amazon
Save £89 -
Here's a slightly different smart home security bundle. This early Prime Day deal features the Echo Show 5 and a wired Ring Video Doorbell. The two-way smart camera doorbell and smart display work together to greet or monitor visitors to your home. Just note that, as this is the wired Doorbell version, you'll need to do a bit of DIY to set it up. It's fairly straightforward to install though.

Other Echo deals

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