Prism Silver - the new Samsung Galaxy S10 colour is exclusive to Carphone Warehouse

samsung galaxy s10 deals prism silver carphone warehouse
Image credit: Carphone Warehouse
(Image credit: Carphone Warehouse)

We already had black, white, blue and green, but now Carphone Warehouse has added a new colour option for the superb Samsung Galaxy S10. It's called Prism Silver, it's exclusive to the retailer and there are some fantastic S10 deals you can get with it right now.

We always like to see a little extra variation when it comes to the aesthetics of the world's best smartphones. But it's worth noting that you'll only find the Prism Silver Galaxy S10 exclusively at Carphone Warehouse.

The retailer is also adding an extra perk if you were hoping to use your old phone as collateral for your new Prism Silver S10 . There's up to an extra £100 trade-in available now - and that's whether your old phone is working or not. Carphone Warehouse says it's the first time it's ever offered this option.

And because we dig out the best Samsung Galaxy S10 deals every day, we know which stores are offering the cheapest contracts at any one time. At the moment, Carphone has our favourite tariff, more details of which can be found below...

Samsung Galaxy S10 from Carphone Warehouse | Silver Prism | Vodafone | £29.99 upfront | 30GB data | Unlimited minutes and texts | £38 per month
This Samsung S10 deal from Carphone Warehouse really hits all the sweet spots. Vodafone is one of the most popular networks in the UK, there isn't much to pay up front and you get absolutely stacks of data to use every month. The monthly payments aren't even that bad. And best of get the handset in that snazzy new Prism Silver colour, too!
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That's our favourite at the moment from Carphone Warehouse, but the retailer's strong showing on S10 deals doesn't stop there. It also has these stand out offers, that it says are its lowest prices yet on the major networks:

- O2, £29.99 upfront cost, £43 per month, 30GB of data

- EE, £9.99 upfront cost, £44 per month, 30GB of data

And it gets even better...

Carphone Warehouse really is falling over itself to treat you at the moment. If you order you Samsung S10 deal by the end of June, it will also send you a £40 voucher that you can spend at your choice of H&M, M&S, Tesco or Uber Eats.

To get hold of the voucher, you need to follow this link and then follow the simple instructions. Easy!