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Champions League final used to trial TV on a PSP

You may soon be able to watch the footie on your PSP

Tucked deep within a Times article highlighting the various businesses that will be capitalising on the biggest European football match of the year, is the announcement that trials of PSP TV are to take place during tomorrow's Champions Leaugue Final in Moscow.

Portable statistics

Speaking to the Times, David Bush, the head of marketing for Sony’s electronic business, commented that: “We are trialling technology which allows fans to watch highlights and access game statistics on PlayStation Portable devices during games.”

Quite how the technology is going to work is not commented on, but TechRadar has a feeling it might have something to do with the recently announced Go!View video service for the PSP. This service is launched 30 June, and is in partnership with satellite broadcaster Sky.

Go!View works by connecting your PSP up to a PC and downloading films and services on to the handheld device.

Users can choose between a subscription or a pay-per-view scheme; much like regular Sky. The service is proof positive that Sony hasn’t forgotten about its handheld system which, according to the company’s recent financial forecast, was the company’s most-bought console of last year.