Sony OLED Walkman out in April

Sony's new X Series Walkman is looking like being a viable alternative to the iPod touch

If the idea of a Sony media player with an OLED screen wasn't tantalising enough, it seems that Sony's X Series Walkman device will be out in the UK sooner than expected.

Both and Amazon have announced the date of the Sony X Series Walkman and although the online retailers offer up different dates, both are touting the player to be out before the end of spring this year.

April fool?

Amazon has taken the most conservative approach by announcing the player's release date as 10 May. is sticking its neck out and saying the device will be in the shops 30 April.

Sony may be lagging behind Apple in the PMP stakes – isn't everyone? – but the X Series looks to be a real contender for the iPod touch.

A 3-inch AMOLED touchsceen and digital noise cancellation put the 'personal' touch into the PMP, which will cost £250 for the 32GB version.

Via Electric Pig