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The Moto 360 2 could arrive as soon as early 2015, says Moto Russia head

Moto 360
The new Moto 360 will allegedly be 'more beautiful' and 'more like a watch'

The Moto 360 is one of the best-looking and most-liked smartwatches around, so it would come as no surprise if Motorola's already planning its sequel. But could it really arrive in just a few months?

That's what Lenovo Eastern Europe Vice President Gleb Mishin reportedly told press assembled at a recent conference in Russia.

The original report came from Russian site Redroid, which said Mishin hinted that a Moto 360 successor will arrive in early 2015.

He was reportedly asked whether the original Moto 360 will be released in Russia and responded that it will arrive toward the beginning of next year, at the same time the second-generation Moto 360 surfaces.

Naturally he didn't provide many details, but he did say the Moto 360 2 will have a "modified design" and will be "more beautiful" and "more like a watch." Motorola isn't likely to say anything official until they're good and ready, so don't start holding your breath any time soon.

Via Phone Arena, Android Headlines