Amazon signs up to new e-book pricing deals

Amazon com signs up to new e book pricing deals with major book publishers Inc has struck two new deals with major book publishers on the pricing of e-books

The Wall Street Journal reports this week that CBS Corp's Simon & Schuster and News Corp's HarperCollins will set their own prices for e-books on

Amazon versus Apple

Selected new best sellers will be priced at $9.99 (£6.55), though most new e-books will be priced between $12.99 (£8.52) to $14.99 (£9.83).

Most older e-books on from the two publishers will cost less than $9.99.

It is a similar deal to that made by the two publishers with Apple for the iPad's iBookstore application.

The Apple iPad, as you most likely know, launches in the US on Saturday.

Via Reuters