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New iPod touch waves goodbye to rear camera

Apple's new iPod touch gets a few new features
No more 1080p video recording

Apple has sneakily dropped a new version of the 5th generation iPod touch, which arrives at a more budget-friendly price.

Spec-wise the 4-inch Retina display and dual-core A5 processor remain unchanged, but the 5-megapixel rear camera has been dropped, leaving just the HD front-facing cam for FaceTime.

The storage has also been sliced, coming in at 16GB, and it seems that this model will only be available in a shade of mundane grey and not in any of the more quirky choices from the iPod touch palette.

So long, snapper!

The new iPod touch has just gone live on the UK store for £199, while it appeared at $229 on the US store first and $249 on the Australian, making it the cheapest of the new range.

Oh, and in case anyone was hoping that Apple would keep the loop lanyard hook for keeping the iPod attached to your wrist, this seems to have also been dropped.

But if it's a more affordable iPod option you're after, and you don't mind skimping on the space, you can go grab the entry-level device right now.