Apple iWatch is Jony Ive's baby, could launch this year running iOS

Apple iWatch is Jony Ive s baby should launch this year running iOS

Apple's golden child Jony Ive is apparently the man behind the iWatch, according to the word on the street, with a release date scheduled for some time in 2013.

Ive is leading the project with 100 engineers reporting to him, according to a Bloomberg report, having ordered 'boxes' of Nike Sports watches for the team to study some years ago.

The iWatch itself is now rumoured to be running a rework of the full iOS software, rather than a souped-up iPod nano system.

We're on Apple watch

Apparently, the main problem that Apple is facing is battery life; the goal is for the iWatch to run for four-to-five days on a single charge, but sources say that prototype models aren't surpassing two.

However, Apple is still seeking to release the iWatch at some point this year, a supposition that Bloomberg has reported and The Verge has backed-up with word from its own sources.

When the iWatch is released, iOS for iPhone will also need an update to run alongside the timekeeper - we're anticipating an iOS 7 event around May/June time this year… could that be when the iWatch makes its debut too?