GEAR4 launches iPod FM transmitters

The GEAR4 Airzone piggybacking on an iPod, like an FM parasite

GEAR4 has unleashed a couple more of its FM "Follow Me" transmitters – the dongle-based AirZone FM Follow Me and the CarDock FM Follow Me.

The Airzone plugs "discreetly" into the iPod to transmit its music to any nearby radio tuned to the same frequency, while the CarDock does exactly the same thing in a four-wheeled vehicle, plugging into the 12v cigarette lighter and hijacking the radio. An added benefit of the CarDock is that it charges the iPod from the car battery, too.

Now with ClearSearch

The enhancement for these two handy devices is GEAR4's new ClearSearch tech which promises to adjust the dongle's FM transmitter, or the car radio itself if using the CarDock, to a clearer local frequency with a simple press of a button.

The new AirZone will be winging its way into Europe in September, priced at £40, while the CarDock will be parking up at the same time, selling at £50.