Panasonic camcorders and cams 'most reliable'

Panasonic FX40 - enjoy it now, and leave it to your grandkids later

Panasonic has announced that for the third year in a row, its digital cameras have been rated as the most reliable by Which? magazine.

It also scooped the most top spot for reliability for its camcorders, digital radios and DVD players.

Panasonic scored an impressive 99 per cent overall reliability for digital cameras, and 96 per cent for camcorders.

Out of date before it's out of order

While today's gadgets might be more likely to suffer obsolescence than breakdown, the annual Which? survey asks its readers to rate all kinds of products - from cars to kettles - for reliability and overall satisfaction.

Panasonic imaging products also did well in the satisfaction stakes, both achieving the highest customer score in the survey.

And if you want to know which gagets will make you happiest, the answers appears to a brand new High Definition telly. Panasonic's LCD TVs received the highest customer score across all products within the survey.