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Review: Panasonic Lumix LX3

The LX3 is one of the most exciting cameras we've seen for ages

Panasonic's flagship digital compact camera for the last two years has been the DMC-LX2. But two years since it was announced in 2006, a replacement was starting to look slightly overdue.

But fear not, because the long-awaited, highly-anticipated LX3 has arrived, and it doesn't disappoint. It appears to deliver on the promise of luxury as-per every LX series camera, whilst not moving too far from the successful formula demonstrated in the LX1 and LX2.

The resolution of the LX3 is the same as the camera it replaces – 10 million pixels. Whilst this is a little surprising, Panasonic appears to have taken photographer's comments about elevated noise levels to heart. And consequently it has gone down the route of 'quality not quantity' – a refreshing change, and one that pays off.

Panasonic claims that the new camera offers a 40 per cent increase in sensitivity, and around 35 per cent more saturation than other 10 million pixel compacts, as a result of increasing the size of the photosites on the LX3's sensor.

Not only does this increase the quality of images taken at high ISO settings in low light, it should also improve tonal gradations in especially light or dark areas of a picture

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