Best tripod under £200: 8 reviewed

Jessops Major - £80 (about $125)

Extending to a modest maximum height of 161cm, the Jessops Major just about qualifies as a full-sized tripod but is nevertheless very travel-friendly. Unlike the surprisingly weighty Hama Omega Carbon II, this carbon fibre kit weighs in at just 1.8kg including the supplied three-way head. That's about 1kg lighter than most tripods in the group.

A main factor in weight-saving is that the three-section carbon fibre legs are also quite thin, ranging from 22mm at the top to just 17mm at the bottom. The upshot is that the Jessops Major is very prone to flexing. In fact, the Hama is almost as tall as the Jessops with its bottom leg sections retracted, in which case the Hama is rather more solid.

One bonus is that the four-position multi-angle legs can be rotated to point almost vertically upwards, which is great when you need to shoot from very close to a wall. However, there's no pivot facility in the centre column, and the bubble level in the head merely duplicates the action of the one on the tripod collar.

The Jessops Major is a real weight saver, but the legs and head both feel much less stable and sturdy than of the other tripods in the group.

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