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Snapfish 20 page custom hard cover

Creating a photo book with Snapfish can only take place within your web browser as there's no downloadable software. Uploading files of a good size was no problem, including files up to 20Mb. However, the Flash-based interface can be very slow to activate, or will often time out entirely. Seeing a spinning circle of dots isn't uncommon, and that doesn't make the creative process any faster.

Creating your Snapfish photo book is a very pre-set affair that can limit creativity, particularly regarding the cover. On the other hand, if you're a novice, then the limited choices and drag-and-drop ease may work to your benefit, and there are a wide selection of single-page layouts. However, images can't stretch over more than one page, and when it comes to enlarging or resizing your shots via the Edit Photo section, the resulting pop-up area within the browser only offers a stepped zoom in/out mechanism that's limiting for precise control. Repositioning is far more fluid, but because it's not possible to see a direct preview of image position on the page, this can cause problems when attempting to make left-hand and right-hand pages correlate. On occasion, the edit window failed to load.

Snapfish software interface

Snapfish software interface

Text can only be filled based on a pre-set design, meaning it's not possible to place your own words around or on an image.

Snapfish's order process was hassle-free, and the book arrived in an astonishingly fast four days. However, the final print quality, while passable, isn't great. The colours are flat, there's excess blacks in shadow areas, and the prints seem a little soft (particularly on the cover). The margin text also bleeds over to the back of the book, which doesn't look professional.

Product details

Price: £24.99 (20-page Custom Hard Cover)
Size: 28x20cm
Postage: £3.99

Formats: Online
Delivery time: Four working days

We like

Fast turnaround
Easy drag-and-drop process

We dislike

Flat, sub-standard print quality
Restrictive design process
Problems loading images for editing
No downloadable software


2 stars