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Bob books 26 page large square hardback

Bob books 26-page large square hardback

Bob Books offers a download software package to manage your photo book creation, or if you want to entrust the work to the company's design team, a designer can do it for you (charges start at £15).

If you're going it alone, then the Bob Designer 2.0 software is capable, and includes a variety of preset layouts. You also have the ability to manually resize and position images yourself. Shots can be spread over a single page or a double-page spread. If resolution dips too low then a prominent warning sign will pop up in the centre of the image.

Bob books software interface

Bob books software interface

Bob Books uses the same base software as Jessops/CEWE, and therefore, the control over your photo book is fundamentally the same. The software isn't exactly the same, however, and we did find the Mac version suffered some instability – the program froze on more than one occasion when in the Photo Show editor.

Print quality is top notch. Images look as they should, and the ability to unfold the gutter completely flat is a huge bonus for displaying images that cross the gutter. The print quality is identical to that in the Jessops book, due the fact that it uses the same software – and one would assume – the same CEWE printing service.

Product details

Price: £37.99 (26-page Large Square Hardback)
Size: 30x30cm
Postage: £4.50

Formats: Mac and PC download
Delivery time: Seven working days

We like

Photo Show editor for picture adjustment
Image position and size control
iPhoto and Flickr image integration
Premium paper
Design service available

We dislike

Unstable software
Awkward photo enlargement


4 stars