Best photo book: 10 reviewed

Yophoto 30 page printed hard cover

Yophoto 30-page printed hard cover

'The Professional photo book People' is Yophoto's bold website statement, and from what we've seen, that's a very apt description of the service.

The downloadable software is compatible with Mac and PC, and provides plenty of control. Placing images over single or double pages is no problem, and you can resize and reposition with accuracy. If an image gets too large for appropriate final quality, then a warning pops up to let you know.

Yophoto software interface

Yophoto software interface

You can apply image effects with easy-to-use sliders for exposure, contrast, saturation, temperature and colour tints. Masks can add edging to an image, and clipart and backgrounds can be imported too. Working with the software was easy, although the latest Mac version did pose a couple of problems re-opening a book once the volume was unmounted – something that ought to be ironed out in future editions.

The book arrived a mere four days later, and the quality of the well-wrapped contents was impressive. What sets the Yophoto book apart from all the others is the traditional hand-threaded binding. This makes a much 'tighter' book – it's harder to turn the pages, but it's sturdy and has a quality feel about it.
The print quality is also very good, with detailed images that look bright and stand out from the pages.

The print colours were superior to all the other books in the test.

Product details

Price: £34.99 (30-page Printed Hard Cover)
Size: 20x20cm
Postage: £4.99 (20x20cm); £5.99 (30x30cm)

Formats: Mac and PC download
Delivery time: Four working days

We like

Very fast delivery
Colourful and detailed prints
Threaded binding
Easy to use software

We dislike

Tight binding increases the size of the gutter
Not as much versatility in size options as its competitors
Some software problems while re-opening saved books


4 stars