Google tests new version of Google Voice

New version of Google Voice set to compete with Skype soon

Google is testing out a new version of its Google Voice VoIP application, set to launch soon as a competitor to market leader Skype.

Google acquired VoIP specialists Gizmo5 last November, a company that has developed a VoIP service that lets users make P2P VoIP calls as well as letting them make and receive calls via normal landlines and mobile phones.

Make and receive calls

Gizmo5's technology is set to make Google Voice far more appealing to users when the new version of the app finally launches at some point soon.

TechCrunch has now confirmed that Google has "now built a Google Voice desktop application to make and receive calls" which basically means that "from a user perspective, this will let Google Voice users take calls right from their desktop."

No word on exactly when this new version of Google Voice should arrive, but we will be sure to let you know as soon as we do.

Via TechCrunch