Samsung shows off watch phone exhibition

Samsung shows off exhibition of watch phones at Mobile World Congress

Just in case you have been asleep for the rest of the week you may not be aware that the mobile phone industry's annual trade shindig, Mobile World Congress, is happening right now over in sunny Barcelona.

Watch phones, somewhat bizarrely, seem to be flavour of the month right now, with Samsung being the latest company to show off a rather cool looking range of concept watch phones.

Not to be outdone by rivals LG, Samsung has teased MWC attendees with an exhibition of its own watch phones, with a new model dated '2009' getting our guys on the ground excited.

We should be getting some official info from Sammy on its very cool GT-S1100 touchscreen watch phone. Right now, it looks the bomb and seems to pack in Bluetooth (obviously) and a speakerphone option.

Whether or not it will ever see a commercial release outside of Japan is another matter entirely.