Word Lens - augmented reality word translator launched

Word Lens and TechRadar wishes you a Alegre Navidad

Word Lens, a new augmented reality app, has just landed on the app store that visually translates written words on signs in real-time.

The app is a meld of Google Translate and Google Goggles and we have to say that after being initially dubious of the promo video, the app actually works.

It's not quite perfect, but the signs we tried it on (including a Christmas card) were translated pretty quickly.

Found in translation

Word Lens has been created by Visual Quest. While it is free, there is a $4.99 (£3.20) in-app store purchase for the language packs.

Currently there is only the option to change Spanish to English or English to Spanish. So if you want to learn your 'por favour' from your 'buenos días' then this is the app for you.