Windows Phone Mango update crushes location data bug

Windows Phone Mango update crushes location data bug

Microsoft's Windows Phone Mango update will bring an end to the always-on location gathering that mired the company in controversy.

A developer had pointed out that Microsoft was gathering user data without the user opting in to the service, something that appeared to contradict earlier statements to the government.

Rafael Rivera, the developer who discovered what is now being widely-termed a bug rather than a deliberate feature, combed through the Mango release and confirmed that the location data was not now being stored.


"I have confirmed that Windows Phone 'Mango' no longer sends location data prior to being granted permission to do so," Rivera wrote on his blog.

"The behavior I'm now seeing is perfectly aligned with Microsoft's letter to the U.S. House of Representatives."

That means that as per Microsoft's statement to the House of Representatives, Windows Phones will now only gather approximate locations is access has been explicitly allowed by the user and that the application is actually running.