WhatsApp to get vocal with push-to-talk?

WhatsApp to offer push-to-talk?
That phone icon might have just become a tad more relevant

Now that WhatsApp has gone some way to give traditional SMS messaging a good kicking, it might now be setting its sights on a BBM-Voice-rivaling voice chat function.

The guys over at 9to5Mac have posted a leaked email said to be sent from WhatsApp to a Hong Kong developer, requesting that the developer to translate some Chinese strings that include a "Push-to-talk button".

Then, to throw more fuel on the speculation fire, an email tip of what is allegedly the new interface – showing the button for voice chat – also surfaced.

Of course, this could actually all be referring to some form of dictation function, not an actual push-to-talk feature. But we wouldn't be too surprised to see WhatsApp introduce voice functionality into its app soon.


Thar she blows (Credit: 9to5Mac)

We've asked WhatsApp for a comment, and will update if we hear more.

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