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This gadget uses biology to fully charge a phone in 30 seconds

This gadget can fully charge a phone in 30 seconds
The S4's battery can be juiced up in half a minute

You probably wouldn't mind how power-hungry your smartphone was if boosting it back up to full juice took under a minute.

That's the utopian future that could be awaiting us if StoreDot can shrink its prototype from the size of a laptop charger that you stick to the back of your phone to the size of a Lightning cable.

The device, which can fully charge a phone in 30 seconds, has been developed for the Samsung Galaxy S4 but the company says it can create chargers for other types of phones.

Charge of the battery brigade

It uses a whole new type of battery that uses 'nanodots' which are biological semiconductors involving amino acids (yeah, science!).

Although they significantly speed up charging times, the battery/charger combo is currently bigger than the phone itself and the charge is said not to last as long as the slower charging batteries currently in phones.

Still, that's not putting StoreDot off - it hopes to have the devices on shelves in late 2016 priced at around $30 (£20 / AU $35).

See it in action in the video below: