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Tesco announces budget Nokia N8 pre-order

Tesco outs new Nokia N8 deal
Tesco outs new Nokia N8 deal

If you like your shopping the same way you like to pick up your mobile phone contracts, then Tesco has got a cheeky treat in store for you.

The Nokia N8 has been given a UK release date of 22 October by the supermarket behemoth, and all at the low, low price of £25 per month on a two-year deal.

That deal will get you 750 minutes per month, unlimited texts and unlimited data too, plus those coveted 1000 Clubcard points as well.

Deals a-plenty

But it's not just Tesco deals you can get at Tesco's phone portal - you can pre-order the Nokia N8 from Vodafone and O2 on £30 a month deals, which makes Tesco's deal look a lot better.

However, you can only get the £25 a month tariff on pre-order until midnight on 21 October, after which the Tesco deal will jump to the same £30 a month level as Vodafone and O2.

While the deal is cheap, Tesco does refer to the Nokia N8 as the 'iPhone killer' making us thing we're stuck in some horrific time loop and are back in 2007. If so, we're off to invest in HTC.