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Twitter introduces photo sharing via text message

Those still living in the 2001 can tweet pictures to Twitter

Twitter has added the ability to share pictures through an MMS message, with Vodafone, O2 and Orange announced as the official partners in the UK.

Despite the abundance of official Twitter apps and third party clients that allow you to share content, texting tweets still remains popular, especially for those with older handsets.

In a post on the company blog Twitter says that four billion texts are sent and received using the service each month.

Tweet as you normally would

"Starting today, you can share photos on Twitter by including a photo in your text message," the post reads.

"It's simple: just enter the text of your Tweet as you normally would, attach a photo to the message and send to Twitter."

The latest addition to Twitter's SMS functionality follows the launch of the Fast Follow service, which allows even non-Twitter members to subscribe to tweets from their favourite users.

Via Slashgear