Samsung Galaxy S4 release date and price: When can I get it?


Unsurprisingly EE is the only UK network able to offer the Samsung Galaxy S4 on 4G from launch - basically because it's the only one which has the super fast connection available.

Of course you don't have to go direct to EE, both Carphone Warehouse and Phones 4U also offer you the chance to grab a Galaxy S4 on the 4G network.

Pre-orders are now live, but thanks to the 4G attraction prices are bumped up meaning there's no option of a free handset.

If you don't want to shell out a lot up front the cheapest handset cost is £19.99, but you'll need to pay a staggering £56 per month, but at least you get 8GB of data with that.

£41 per month will get you a lowly 1GB of data and will also require you to stump up £79.99 at point of sale.


Three potentially has the best looking Galaxy S4 pre-order deal, with a free handset on a two year contract which costs £35 per month and gives you all-you-can-eat data. Om nom nom indeed.

You also get 500 minutes and 5,000 texts at £35 per month, but if that's not enough call time an extra £2 each month will see that allowance boosted to 2,000 minutes plus 5,000 Three to Three minutes.


Over at O2 things are looking a bit more expensive, with a free Galaxy S4 only available on contracts from £47 per month, which gives you unlimited calls and texts and a distinctly average 2GB of data.

If you don't want to may so much a month you can put up £99.99 for the handset, which will see the monthly cost reduced to £37 for the same allowances - which works out at £140 cheaper in the long run.

If you're wondering at this point when the Samsung Galaxy S4 release date is then shame on you for missing it at the start, but all networks and retailers are saying April 27.


As with the likes of Three and O2 the Samsung Galaxy S4 on Vodafone comes "4G ready", so you'll be able to hop onto the network's super fast connection when it launches later this year - although "additional charges may apply". You have been warned.

The Vodafone Galaxy S4 pre-order page reveals a free handset on a £42 per month two year deal, giving you unlimited calls and texts alongside 2GB of data.

You can reduce the monthly cost by trading in your old touchscreen device, making your monthly outgoing a more palatable £37.

Virgin Media

Better late than never from Branson's network as Virgin Mobile finally gets round to revealing its Samsung Galaxy S4 pricing - still no pre-order page yet with the register page still live.

You'll be able to pick the Galaxy S4 up from £31 per month, but you'll need to part with £99 upfront, which gives you 200 minutes, 500 texts, 500MB of data and unlimited calls and texts to over Virgin mobiles.

If you're not a Virgin Media TiVo or Broadband customer it's £36 per month for the same allowances, minus the unlimited bits.


TalkTalk will have its Samsung Galaxy S4 pre-order page up on April 22 and will offer the flagship handset for free on contracts starting at just £30 per month. It may be worth keeping an eye on this one.

Tesco Mobile

Update: If you fancy picking up a Galaxy S4 while you do the weekly shop then you now know how much it's going to set you back - and you may be pleasantly surprised.

Tariffs start from £30 per month with no upfront cost - although if you choose the cheapest rate you only get 250 minutes and 500MB of data, but at least there's 5000 texts thrown in.

Online retailers

Unlocked-Mobiles was the first UK retailer to come out with a price for the Galaxy S4, posting the 16GB version for pre-order at £529.98 with a release date of May 1 - although that price has now be raised to £574.98, after stock price was officially confirmed.

Anyone who pre-ordered the Galaxy S4 at £529.98 is now being asked to pay £544.98 (and extra £15), plus you'll also get 10% off Galaxy S4 accessories - so it's not all bad news.

Expansys is also taking pre-orders for the White Frost and Black Mist models, with a new lower SIM-free price of £579.99 - it was originally listed at £589.99.

Clove has got its pre-order page up now with a price of £579.99 listed, although there is a note on the site saying: "Official Price and Availability To Be Confirmed - First stock expected 3rd May".