RIM gets 60-day BlackBerry reprieve from India ban

BlackBerry maker RIM gets 60-day reprieve from India ban

India has said that it will delay a decision on whether or not to ban BlackBerry devices for 60 days.

India is set to review various proposals from Research in Motion (RIM) over the next two months before making a final decision on the future of BlackBerry in the country.

RIM clearly wants to avoid an outright ban on its devices in India, which is one of the world's fastest-growing markets for smartphones.

Security concerns

India initially threatened to ban BlackBerries earlier this month, claiming that its security services needed access to RIM's encrypted email and IM communications.

For its part, RIM has so far said little beyond the fact that it is prepared to support the Indian security services' need for "lawful access".

RIM has also offered to "lead an industry forum focused on supporting the lawful access needs of law enforcement agencies" working closely in conjunction with competing telecoms firms and the Indian government to develop "policies and processes aimed at preventing the misuse of strong encryption technologies".

Additionally, RIM has also claimed that "singling out and banning" Blackberry would be "ineffective and counter-productive."

Via BBC News