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Queen given personalised BlackBerry

Lazaridis and the Queen - BBM buddies we'd imagine
Lazaridis and the Queen - BBM buddies we'd imagine

The Queen has taken in a tour of the RIM production facilities in Canada, with the BlackBerry firm giving her a personalised unit to take away.

According to the Ottawa Citizen, the Royal Family are 'big users and big fans' of the BlackBerry devices already... so presumably Her Majesty will be recycling her current device for a spot of extra cash.

Her new white BlackBerry 9700 (we're sad it's not the forthcoming 9800 slider) has a pre-installed wallpaper showing children from Queen Elizabeth Public School in Kitchener, clutching bouquets of flowers.

We assume this will be quickly changed to a picture of the corgis doing something 'hilarious'.

Pale yellow ensemble

The Queen was accompanied during her visit by co-founder Mike Lazaridis, where apparently she was decked out in a yellow silk dress with mulberry-coloured flowers and a sumptuous matching yellow coat, which was sadly covered by a white smock to prevent electrostatic charge.

Her Majesty is no stranger to technology - she was the first monarch to send an email all the way back in 1976 and her website was relaunched recently by none other than Father of the internet Tim Berners-Lee.

Via Ottawa Citizen