Orange unveils iPad data plan costs

Apple s iPad plans priced up for the UK by Orange

Orange has announced its Apple iPad data plans for the 3G versions of the device in the UK, with a mixture of tariffs to play with.

Pay-as-you-go data bundles are the most interesting, as you'll basically be charged 5p for every MB you consume, which equates to £50 for a single GB of data.

Alternatively, you can go for the iPad Daily scheme: £2 for 200MB per day, from midnight to midnight.

iPad Weekly is a similar tariff, with £7.50 giving you 1GB for seven complete days' usage.

iPaid for the iPad

And then there's the more familiar plans: iPad Monthly 15 and iPad Monthly 25, with the prices (you've guessed it) £15 and £25 per month respectively.

The former will net you 3GB of data and unlimited (well, fair use 750MB of data) Wi-Fi use, with the latter upping the 3G offering to 10GB per month plus the Wi-Fi.

The tailored 3G microSIMS can be pre-ordered from 10 May, ahead of the 28 May UK launch from Apple.