Orange delays HTC Desire Android 2.2 update

Bring on the Desire Android 2 2 update

Orange users wishing and praying to see their HTC Desire upgraded to the latest in Android 2.2 goodness will have to wait a little longer.

Orange has confirmed via Twitter that it will be taking a little longer to get the upgrade out to users, thanks to HTC taking its sweet time to send over the Froyo package.

"Android fans: there has been a delay in receiving the 2.2 Froyo update from HTC, and we now expect it to be available mid-September. Apologies."

It'll be here when you get back from holiday

Of course, this only means a two week wait, but it's all the more galling when unbranded HTC Desire handsets began getting a taste of Android 2.2 all the way back in July.

Vodafone has also managed to shave and carve the Froyo update into something that will fit its phones too; it dropped the Android 2.2 bomb on its HTC Desire customers last week.

So Orange and T-Mobile are lagging behind the rest - and we're not even going to talk about Three, which still hasn't even given a possible date for the HTC Desire Android 2.2 upgrade.