Oracle now claiming $1.1billion from Google

Oracle now claiming $1.1billion from Google

Oracle has put a price on its Android Java damages claim over alleged copyright and patent infringement by Google, suggesting that $1.16 billion (£750m) would cover it.

An original claim for $6.1 billion (£3.9bn) was rejected by a judge in the US, but Oracle was told it could revise its claims.

And the final demand is around one fifth of the rejected claim, with Oracle lawyer Steve Holtzman stating in a letter to Judge William Alsup that as much as $202 million was for the alleged patent infringement and $960 million for alleged copyright breach.

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The trial is due to be heard in the San Francisco court in front of Judge William on 31 October.

The claim revolves around Oracle's claims that the Android mobile OS infringed on Java patents bought up seven months previously.

The huge claim is just one of a huge bodies of claims and counter-claims being fought by major technology companies on a global scale.

Via Reuters