O2: We don't ration 3G data

O2 repsonds to BT claims

O2 has responded to the odd claim by BT that it is 'rationing 3G data' after it placed a cap on its unlimited data plans.

BT - with whom O2 has a significant partnership to provide Openzone Wi-Fi roaming for smartphones - said in a recent release "We thought rationing ended in the '50s", referring to the recent announcement from O2 regarding data.

The announcement was designed to highlight BT's move to offering unlimited Wi-Fi minutes to all BT Total Broadband customers, but it still sparked a response from O2 to TechRadar:

No cap to see here

"Our pricing structure is not about 'rationing'. This is an open and honest way of pricing data.

"We have introduced a way of charging customers for data which reflects the way they use it – a model where people who use the largest amounts of data will pay for it."

O2 has joined Vodafone in scrapping the 'unlimited' term when referring to its mobile data plans, a move which pleased consumers who were confused over the phrasing.