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Motorola set to release slew of Android phones

The Motorola 'Morrison'
The Motorola 'Morrison'

Those of us wondering when Motorola was going to release all these fabled Android phones might finally be getting the answer after some new photos began to leak.

The first, showing the Motorola 'Morrison', shows an Android handset with the traditional skin, but also rocking a full QWERTY keyboard.

Apparently this will launch on T-Mobile US, after it was leaked on a roadmap earlier in the year.

Sadly we can't read a huge amount into this from a UK perspective, as T-Mobile US and UK appear to have very different product roadmaps (for instance, the network got the Magic in the US, whereas we saw it land on Vodafone).

Calgary coming

And the Calgary, which we first heard of aeons ago as renderings leaked out, is also rumoured to be hitting the shelves in Q4 with Verizon, and it seems likely this could also make it over the pond should Moto want another crack over here.

The motorola calgary

The news was reported by an 'anonymous' source, so read into it what you will, but the sheer volume of Moto-Android rumours can't help but show the creaking manufacturer might be chugging back into life.

Via Unwired View and The Street