Apple, AT&T sued for $1.2bn over iPhone


Apple and AT&T are being sued for $1.2 billion (£590 million) over the Apple iPhone. The complaint was filed in a Californian district court by law firms Folkenflik & McGerity and Hoffman & Lazear on behalf of Apple iPhone owners.

The lawsuit claims that Apple's decision to offer the Apple iPhone on just one mobile network is illegal under US antitrust laws and California's unfair trade practice laws.

The lawsuit claims that Apple iPhone users are being restricted to using only AT&T's mobile network and Apple applications on their devices.

Computer trespass

The document goes on to say that Apple is liable for 'computer trespass'. This refers to Apple's recent firmware upgrade, designed to disable any third-party applications installed on the Apple iPhone, and disable any unlocked SIM cards used in the device.

"Apple and AT&T have no more right or technological justification for forcing Apple iPhone users to use only AT&T service and Apple applications than Ford would to force car owners to only use batteries or tyres, or than the maker of your television has to force you to watch only Fox or CBS," said Max Folkenflik, one of the attorneys working on the case.