Man cleared of obscene Girls Aloud 'net article

Man charged with describing a violent fantasy on the net is found not guilty

A man charged with posting an internet article fantasising about killing Girls Aloud has been found not guilty.

Darren Walker wrote a 12 page article detailing a fantasy about kidnapping and murdering the popular girl group on a specialist fan site.

However he was cleared of publishing an obscene article by Judge Esmond Faulks when it was deemed that only users specifically seeking the article could read it.

Walker has apparently lost his job since the arrest in February 2008 and removed the article from the site.

No intention

Tim Owen, who was defending Mr Walker, said: "It was never his intention to frighten or intimidate the members of Girls Aloud. He had written what he had described as an adult celebrity parody and was only meant to be for an audience of like-minded people.

"This type of writing is widely available on the internet in an unregulated and uncensored form. In terms of its alleged obscenity, it is frankly no better or worse than other articles."

Via BBC News