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LG G3 Stylus shows up to challenge the Galaxy Note 4

LG G3 Stylus
One family you don't want to mess with

Watch out Samsung, you're not the boss of phablet town anymore - the LG G3 Stylus has just been teased in a brand new video.

We don't know a lot about it, but LG's phablet appears at the end of a promotional video for the LG G3 Beat, so it seems more of a question of when, not if, we'll see an official announcement.

The phablet is rumoured to have a 5.9-inch display - 0.4 inches than the LG G3 - and seeing it stood near the flagship, we'd say that looks about right. And living up to the name there is, of course, also a stylus included.

This town is probably big enough for the both of us

So back to the question of "when". It seems a good bet would be IFA 2014, where Samsung is expected to reveal the Galaxy Note 4 at a September 3 press event.

That would also get in ahead of Apple, which is believed to be planning a 5.5-inch iPhone 6 as its own stake in the phablet arena.