Let your mobile do the talking abroad


Learning the language need no longer be an issue for travellers abroad thanks to a new range of mobile talking phrase book applications from lastminute.com .

The mobile phrase books will translate common phrases from English to one of six European languages - French, German, Italian, Spanish, Greek and Portuguese. Each costs £3 to download and contains 250-300 phrases. As well as selecting and displaying translations on-screen, a sound file in the application will speak key phrases.

Developed by CoolGorilla , the lastminute.com phrase books cover the regular categories - eating, travel, accommodation and directions - plus flirting. For the latter category, however, it's probably best to learn the phrase rather than let your mobile do the chat-up lines.

The lastminute.com phrase book applications are available to download from www.coolgorilla.com or via the mobile internet at www.coolgorilla.mobi . Further talking phrase books will be launched later this year, including non-English versions.

The talking phrase books are Java applications currently compatible with 60 handsets, though more handset models are constantly being add to the list. You can watch a video demonstration here .