Lonely Chinese scammed by SMS


Well, whaddya know - the latest internet scam to con naïve young men out of their pocket money is predicated on, you guessed it, their insatiable lust for unattainable women.

According to Reuters , a Beijing company has been employing a dozen or so men to pose as a lusty female nurse called Wang Jing and to interact with horny guys via mobile phone text messages.

Apparently, Wang Jing gets the men interested in her with a series of unsolicited flirty SMS messages, before inducing them to sign up to a monthly chat service that costs 10-30 Yuan (65p to £2). The result has been "hundreds of thousands of Yuan a month" for the online predators.

It's easy to be critical of the gullibility of anyone falling for this kind of scheme, but it should be considered that a large part of the blame really lies with the Chinese phone networks for their part in encouraging spammers by - as hard as this is to believe - actually taking a cut of their illicit earnings. Welcome to the future. J Mark Lytle