In pictures: HTC's new handset range



The HTC HD Mini does prove that good things come in small packages. Offering up Windows Mobile 6.5.3, you don't even need to use a stylus any more. Woo hoo!


Screen size is a passable 3.2 inches with a HVGA resolution. Not the best we have ever seen but perfectly fine for the size of the device.


The chipset inside is a rather powerful 600MHz Qualcomm 7227 – making this the Mighty Mouse of the handset market. This means that there's a fair bit of power under the hood so website viewing and heavy social-network use should not be much of an issue.


A bit like Kate Moss, the HTC HD Mini has the style factor despite its diminutive size. On the chassis are four screws holding the thing together. In short, it's gone for an industrial look – possibly hoping that a revolution will come its way too.