Here's more evidence the next iPhone will get rid of the home button

Here s more evidence the next iPhone will get rid of the home button

Not even a week after the reveal of the iPhone 7, rumors about Apple's next smartphone are already bubbling.

Following the controversial decision to cut the 3.5mm headphone jack from this year's iPhone, Apple plans to go one step further next year and remove the iconic home button, sources tell The New York Times.

Specifically, the sources claim Apple will design the screen of its 2017 flagship phone to take up the entire front face of the handset, replacing the home button and fingerprint scanner with a virtual equivalent.

A bezel-less iPhone has been through the rumor mill before, among other murmurs that hint at a curved AMOLED screen and a glass back. While all of these whispers have yet to be confirmed, the anonymous sources for the Times fuel claims that the home button could indeed be headed for retirement.

Considering the iPhone's 10th major iteration is approaching, it'll be interesting to see if Apple makes such a bold design choice to celebrate the anniversary, or possibly release a virtual home button as part of a more conventional "S" edition of the iPhone 7.