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Google ready to sell its final Nexus One

Google set to close online phone store
Google set to close online phone store

Google has announced it has received the final batch of Nexus Ones for its web store, so users need to act quickly if they want to buy the units.

Google has already stated it will be closing the web store, which was set up as a way for it to directly market what it considers the best hardware for the Android platform.

The search giant has already stated that the Google Nexus One experiment was a success, and has no plans for a successor, so once the current stock runs out there will be no need for the portal.

Not over yet

Of course, you can still pick up a Nexus One in the UK from Vodafone on contract, but if you want to be the first to get the software updates, then you'll need a device direct from the Big G itself, as networks have to make sure all software upgrades go through the necessary checks.

If you're a developer, then you can still breathe easy if you've been saving your pennies for a new Nexus One from Google - a specific portal has been kept open for you guys to still get your hands on one.

From Google via Unwired View