Facebook 1.5 for Android brings chat and push

Facebook 1.5 Android gets push notifications, iPhone owners set their faces to 'smug' yet again

Facebook 1.5 has launched for Android mobile phones, bringing push notifications and chat.

That's right, very much like the features that iPhone Facebook users have had for a while now!

Got an iPhone? Remember January? Yes, nearly a year ago – the month when you received Facebook push notifications on your phone.

Push me baby, one more time

Yet while your Apple-toting friends may scoff at your choice of smartphone, Android users can at least now use Facebook's version 1.5 of its Android app which features full chat mode (with background notifications) and push notifications, providing you are rocking Android 2.2 or later.

However, all is not good in the land of Android Facebook updates quite yet. As the push notifications in the latest Facebook for Android only relate to chat and not to comments and likes and so on.

Also, only 43.4 per cent of users are running Android 2.2, so over half of Android users wil still miss out on push notifications.

The Android Facebook app is available for free in the Android marketplace.