Books outnumber games on offer for Apple's iPhone

Book sales outnumber games for the first time on the iPhone, with analysts suggesting the iPad will clean up against Amazon's Kindle in the e-book market

Apple has sold well over a billion apps for the iPhone since the launch of the market-leading smartphone, with the news this week that sales of iPhone-compatible books now outnumbers sales of games for the first time.

The latest figures are from mobile ad company Mobclix, which shows how the number of books in the iTunes store now exceeds the number of games.

Mobclix's data shows that there are over 26,000 books in iTunes, compared with a just over 24,000 games.

Apple vs Amazon

Popular iPhone e-book apps include (ironically) Kindle one, (Amazon-owned) Stanza and Classics.

What with the forthcoming release of the iPad – now rumoured for a 26 March launch in the US – will Apple be able to take on the might of Amazon's Kindle in the e-book market?

TechRadar also looked into the thorny issue of piracy of e-books recently – that great big elephant in the corner that the electronic publishing industry so far seems to be trying its hardest to ignore.